Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27

Computer still down..... getting sent to a service center for repair this week.
(for freeeee! Thank goodness for warranties!)

25th- We had another Family Night Dinner at out house. I made a ham for the first time ever, and it turned out great!! I also made some green bean casserole & rolls, and I nearly FORGOT to make the potatoes!! But I did remember.

26th- Both boys got haircuts and Bekah got a bang cut.

27th- This morning we went to the park with the Cantu clan to play some and kick around a soccer ball. It was fun.... but while walking to the park sounded like a good idea... walking home from the park with 2 over-tired, cranky, and screaming kids was not a .... walk in the park... ha ha. .... seriously. It was unpleasant. But after a good 2+ hour nap for each of them, the rest of the day went smoothly. Now it is time for me to get dinner started. I was just hoping to get caught up and get my blog posted before Ben gets home and I lose all computer "rights". :)

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