Monday, July 25, 2011

July 24

My computer is still down!!! :(
But now it is to the point where I can't even turn it on.... GREAT. Even more so because I had a photo shoot this past weekend and I can't finalize my photos. :'(

I need to get some time this week to call Toshiba (thank goodness for warranties!!!) and see what they can do to hook my up with a working computer. Luckily I backed up everything last month when it started acting up. Unfortunately, there is a "July" folder of pictures that I might end up loosing. :'( :'(

This past weekend was pretty awesome as it was. In addition to the photo shoot... we had Ben's sister and Ben's uncle come to visit. Both of them even spent the night. And both of them (and a friend of Liss') confirmed that my fajitas are indeed, pretty awesome. :) We all spent time playing (with kids), chatting, laughing, eating, and we even watched some Jeff Dunham! Then Sunday (yesterday) morning, Liss headed home while we + Uncle B went to church then went out to Ray's for lunch. I gotta say... pretty tasty and excellent priced!! I will definitely go back there. After dinner we came home chilaxed some more.... and Uncle B took his leave late-r afternoon. It was great to see the 2 of them! :)

Ok, I'm caught up for now... ish. Let's see if I can commandeer the husband's computer this evening to keep on top of my blogger-ing. :)

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