Thursday, June 30, 2011

180 & 181/365: June 29-30

Yesterday was good. Ended with cutting Tyler's hair and having him over for supper. Meaning late night and no blog.

Today was good as well... Took the kids to the park first thing this morning. Met a nice lady and her 2 kids... became "facebook friends"... we'll see if anything comes of it. :)

With playing so hard in the morning, both kids took a late morning nap. So I got to be lazy and read for awhile. Then cleaned up the house before our infamous and hit or miss Family Dinner Night with the Cantu''s. But before they got here, Jene' came over because she wanted a ride in the new truck. After we were all loaded up and backed into the driveway, it started to hail. And -hello.. new truck- since I didn't want any dings or dents I pulled her back into the garage. The storm lasted a good 20 minutes. And I'm thankful for it!

nasty little hail...
After the rain slowed back down and all sign of hail was gone we headed out to Huachuca City and back. Let's just say (and I can say because she told me so) Jene''s a mite jealous of our new purchase. And it got the wheels turning in her head that maybe... just maybe she can afford to make payments on a vehicle which means she can get her Jeep (sooner) rather than saving and waiting for the "someday" that might never happen.
I for one hope that she's able to find a Jeep with all the bells and whistles that she wants for a good bargain so she can become a Jeep owner rather than a Jeep Dreamer. ♥

Back to dinner. Fun, fellowship, friends. Three wonderful things that encompassed our evening. Erin made yumm-o enchiladas for my belated birthday dinner. And we made tentative plans for both our families to hit up the lake next weekend. I can't wait!! :)

So..... because I want to... here's a few (better) pictures of the truck.
{come on... this is the most exciting thing to happen for us in awhile... we have NEVER financed a vehicle.... and all the ones we have bought have been over a decade old!! So bear with me until my excitement wears down. ;) Which may be awhile because, honestly, I'm still a little stunned when I see my "sexy little truck" sitting in the garage.}

the tail lights are going to be the 1st things to go.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

179/365: June 28

Monsoons started today!! Got a good rainstorm this afternoon. And it was super lovely.
Except for the fact we have a swamp cooler.... and the recent fires created a lot of soot/ash.
Now the whole house smells like dingy smokers... BLEH!

But still.... I will be THANKFUL for the rain!! And praying we don't get too many dry lightning strike fires!

oh and I got a blister on the bottom of my foot... it HURTSSSSSSSSSS!

that's all. good night.

Monday, June 27, 2011

178/365: June 27

So.... a little bit of excitement today.
Okay, a WHOLE LOT of excitement.

We bought a new truck!!! Well... "new".

It's a 2006 1/2 ton Chevy Silverado. And it's PRETTY!! :)

Let's hope that we don't regret it in the morning!!..... or within the next 5 years!

177/365: June 26

I blog failed last night. Didn't really have anything to blog about though... that may have something to do with it. :)
Here's to hoping today is more exciting!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

uuuh.... /365: June 25


It was great. I am exhausted!!! I hope I sleep like (nearly) dead tonight.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Had a blog. Tried to post. Got an error. I will try again tomorrow.
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

174/365: June 23

Sisters... Best Friends.... TWINS ♥♥♥

Today was the BEST 25th birthday I will ever have!!! Of course, it's the only one.... but it totally ROCKED!
Started with a french toast and mimosas. Then baking (Jene' and I made brownies). Then we went out for lunch, and to pick up the babysitter for the kids. Dropped off kids and sitter at home. Then for the fun part...
Jene' and I went to get manicures (@ The Finishing Touch, by our honorary aunts: Sandi & Gail) from there we headed to the mall to get pedicures (we only went there because the pedicure lady at Gail's shop was booked for the day)
After the fun and excitement of the day, it was time for Jene' to head to dinner with the parental units, and for me to have dinner with my family... before meeting up at Jene''s place for a brownie and ice cream party!

All in all it was a fabulous day. And I can honestly say... I am blessed.  With wonderful family and friends! With my beautiful children and amazing husband. I am thankful for everything that God has provided for me and I look forward to everything he has in store for my future.

And with that... and a few pictures, I shall bid you ado and goodnight!
Jene' and Bekah putting on makeup

Isn't she pretty?!?

MMM Mimosas!

Bday breakfast!!

Pretty Pedis!
Birthday Girl!!!

Hey! It's my birthday too!!! :)

173/365: June 22

Long day.... kinda hard day.... let me see if I have any good pictures....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

172/365: June 21

Today is the first day of summer.... and it was a warm one. I think tomorrow is supposed to be record highs for our area.... supposedly up to 105. So guess where I will be?!.... outside.... JUST KIDDING! Hopefully I will be kicking it inside and keeping cool. But before we can face tomorrow, we have to take a look at today!!

Today. I baked. I bet you were surprised with that one, huh?! ;) More cookies for the co-op guys. And some rice krispie treats too. BUT! I even took a few pictures while I was baking.... just to share the experience. Now.... Ben says the most popular cookies that I have sent with him are Snicker Delights. What are those??!
Well... basically it's a peanut butter cookie wrapped around a mini Snickers bar.
MMM... Snickers.

Unwrapping them all is a bugger...

Bompa's secret recipe and Snickers all ready to go!!
See, ya just plop it in there and make a ball of goodness.

Ready to bake!!!! MMMMmmmmmm!

packaged up and ready to go with Ben to work.
I also got to do some shopping for one of my most favorite people in the WHOLE world.... and it's her birthday soon!!! :) :) :) Can't wait for her to open it! Of course, I can't reveal what it is... because she is 1 of 3 people that regularly read this blog. ;)
Come on, Thursday!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

one day I'll get back on the day/365: June 20

Today was a good day. After 7 grueling days of working out in the yuck of fire mess (not in the fire... but in the destruction path) Ben got a "rest day" from work. It was nice to have him home... even though he was itching to be out working with the guys.

Reading... just like Daddy!

from Family Dinner this evening. Brings back memories of when I was a kid and we all us kids sat on the floor to eat dinner at Bompa's House... until we were 15 and old enough to eat on the couch. :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 19

Father's Day 2011

I don't have my father to spend it with. But we did get to go to lunch with Popps :)

My kids couldn't spend the day with their daddy because he had to work to repair damage due to the fire.
This fire is recking havoc on our community.
Maybe next year will be better.

On a happier note though... the kids did get a few minutes with Daddy before bed to open presents with him.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

june 18

Lots of baking for the guys again today . Fire still burning. Me and Ben still way tired. Goodnight.
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what day are we on again/365: June 17

Fire madness + Ben working serious overtime + general craziness around town = Whittney sucking at blogging.

A new fire started and was contained within 3 hours yesterday afternoon. Bad enough and close enough that mom had to evacuate her house (evacuation was lifted later that night). I was worried enough that I "ran" home to get the "essentials" packed and out of the house JUST in case. Scary trying to do it alone. Then we went and hung out at Jene''s place for the rest of the day.

I'm going to be baking again for the SSVEC guys. Cookies and brownies galore. Well, maybe not galore. We shall see.... and see even further if I can keep my act together and blog this evening.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

167/365: June 16

Bad day. Fires raged. Ben worked HARD and late. I baked lots of cookies for the SSVEC guys. Sunset was pretty. That's all I got.