Monday, August 8, 2011

New Blog....

Blogger disappoints. Actually the saying "the grass is always greener" is totally true.
Blogger, I love you for your many ways to personalize my blog. But you disappoint me by having a very pathetic range of "space" to be used for photos.
Hello!? I am doing a photo blog..... and I'm a photographer... and a Mom... I've got pictures coming out the WAZOO! And sadly you're 1500Mb storage limit... is pathetic.
So I will be disappointed over on Wordpress with their lack of customization options, but be happy to show off my 3G of FREE storage with pictures.

If you want a link to the new place, comment here... there are some creepers I would rather not follow me over....

:) OK! Okay.
                    See you there!

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